3. debutart:

    Starship Troopers by Kilian Eng

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  5. heyheyadi:

    A while back JIMMYnADI made a video about our relationship with Los Angeles.  It was a funny time, I didn’t know what exactly I thought about living in this town. So, we explored a bit.

     Enjoy a surreal ride through LA with visits to the Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House, The Eames’ Home and Studio, our dear friend, Andrew Meredith skateboarding, the ocean and a trip to the Huntington Gardens. 



  6. b22-design:

    Sophie Taeuber-Arp - ‘Point on Point’ - Oil on canvas (1931-1934)

    Philadelphia Museum of Art 

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  7. vintagenatgeographic:

    Mackay Falls, New Zealand

    National Geographic | January 1978

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  8. thekidshouldseethis:

    Drums West by Jim Henson, circa 1961, a cut paper animation featuring music by Chico Hamilton and some rare behind-the-scenes footage of Henson himself.

    Watch the video.

  9. check out jessie labows bts look at his experiencses on switch aka thunderstruck

  10. scanzen:

    Itt a Márka! Itta már ma? Szénsavas üdítőitalok. Nyomda: Offset Nyomda, 1975 körül.

    Advertising poster for Márka, a Hungarian made carbonated soft drink, c1975.

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