1. jonahray:

    Clip Cup continues to crack me cup!


    Clip Cup 4 Live: Campus Climpus

    America’s favorite clip show is hitting the road for a college tour! Host Craig Healy clips it up with Loyola Marymount University. Is your school next?

    Watch this NOW!!!!!1112222

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    It’s refreshing that Funny Or Die keeps making these.
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    Fresh modes. New stylz. Clip eh de cup.
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    I’ve watched this approx. 7 billion tymes today. I LOVIDA CRAIG HEALY!
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    Craig Healy is DYING out there
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    Wahhh cup stuff.
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    Hey college kids sign a petition to get Clip Cup live on your campus!!!!
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    I thought Clip Cup was over. I was wrong.
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    Clip Cup continues to be one of my favorite things on the Internet.
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    CLIP CUP is BULLSHIT! Craig Healy thinks he’s TOSH.0 but he’s really TOSH.ZERO, as in, a loser. TOSH rulz CC Drools and...
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    Watch this NOW!!!!!1112222
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    Climp this clump
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